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Finally Kosher Cheese The Whey You Want it to Taste

"Make Your Own Kosher Cheese In Your Own Home Today!"

Dear Kosher Curd Nerd,

Have you always wanted to make a real kosher cheese but didn't know where to find kosher cheese making ingredients?  Or you wanted to make a Tzfatit (Cheese from Tzfat, Israel) but didn't know how or where to look.

My namis Dovid Wheeler and I have been making Kosher cheese at home for more than 10 years as well as teaching others how easy it is to make kosher cheese at home

I know what it feels like.  While living in rural villiage in the Jerusalem Mountains I myself wanted to make my own cheese for years, but because of all the Kashrut problems (or so I thought) I never thought that I would be able to make the cheeses that I wanted.  Cheese that could taste so much better than those that are sold in the local Kosher market and also a lot cheaper.

Even looking for ORGANIC Kosher cheese can present a few concerns for some.

Keeping Kosher should not become a problem or stop you from eating any cheese that you want to eat.  It just means that you need to take the next step and make them yourself.

Imagine If You Could Have Any Kosher Cheese That You Want

Allow yourself to imagine that you can eat any cheese that you want.  Maybe you want to have Brie, Sharp Cheddar, a nice Stilton with a Glass of Kosher Port or Muscat or even a fresh salad with crumbled Fresh Feta on top.

Not only that, but know that this cheese is preservative free and healthy for you and your family makes it even more desirable.

Now image that this cheese that you want, that you are craving is not only on a shelf in the fridge, but one that you made with your own hands.  One that you were in control of. You knew the kashrut of all the ingredients that were used to make the cheese that you are feeding to you and your family.

Well Now You Can...

After many years of making Kosher cheese at home, and turning what I knew into traveling workshops,  I felt that it was time to bring this all to the Jewish world as not many people can come to Israel to take one of my workshops.  So it is with great pleasure and joy that I present to you...

The First Book About Kosher Cheese Making at Home

Kosher Curds Making Kosher Cheese at Home is not only a recipe book for making cheese.  It is truly unique in that it covers many areas that stop those that want to make cheese and opens up the doors to show them how they can make basically what ever cheese they want.  Some of what you will learn from the book will be...

  • Halacha Of Cheese Making - You will learn the following: Why Cheese needs to be Kosher, what makes cheese kosher as well as what types of ingredients and procedures can make your kosher cheese treif.
  • Health Issues With Commercial Cheese - Learn about a simple natural food coloring that wreaks havok on some children that consume it, and why making your own kosher cheese at home can make sure that your child is eating a healthy snack.
  • Lots Of Cheese Recipes - With over 12 recipes, I am sure that you will find one of your favorite cheeses.  We will start with the basic soft cheeses, and then move up to semi-hard and even your surface mold cheeses.

Following Simple Instructions Will Make You A Cheese Master In No Time

Kosher Curds Making Kosher Cheese at Home walks you through the entire process and makes it easy for the beginner to start to make their first cheese with store bought milk.

The book is a combination of the Kosher Curds cheese making workshops as well as halachic and health concerns for some children with some cheese making ingredients.

All the recipes in the book have been made not only by the author, but many of those that have taken the Kosher Curds workshops.  You too will become a kosher curd nerd in a very short time.

"Not only is Dovid a mentch, but he is a great cheese maker.  If you can't take the workshop, then read the book"

- Stephen Sokolov (South Bend, Indiana)

"Dovid is a great teacher, I learned so much in the workshop,"

- Sarah L. (Ephrat, Israel)

"From the time we attended Rabbi Davids workshop in Tzfat we knew that we had found the right person to guide us in the making of Kosher Cheese,

We now make Kosher cheese in Italy with Certification recently received .

Kosher cheese is difficult to find in Italy...it has helped us in our new venture of converting our farm into a Agriturismo .

The book is invaluable but we suggest Rabbi Davids workshop is the first step into becoming independent and then use his book for future reference

Rabbi David has been an ongoing support readily accessible by phone and internet

- Yehoshua and Dinah Isaacs (Italy)

Some Of The Cheeses You Will Learn To Make...

  • Whole Milk Ricotta 
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Caerphilly
  • Cheddar
  • Camembert
  • Learn To Make Your Own Blue Mold For Blue Cheese
  • And Many More ...

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"Blessed Is The Cheese Maker"
Dovid Wheeler

Kosher Curds

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